Castration and spaying for your pet, as well as advice on when and why to perform them.


There is no need for a female cat to have a litter of kittens – many cats who have litters young, seem to not grow as well,  and sometimes have problems giving birth.


It is much more sensible to have your cat female spayed at five to six months of age, which will be before she has come into season for the first time.


Male tomcats should also be neutered at a similar age. If a male cat remains unneutered then he is likely to spray strong smelling urine around your house, marking his territory.


He is also more likely to wander, to get hit by a car and to fight with other cats.


A cat who regularly fights is at a high risk of catching feline Aids, a viral condition very similar to the human disease in that it makes the cat far more prone to other infections and illnesses.