Senior Healthcare Plan

Application for membership

  1. Membership of the Senior Healthcare plan is available to dogs aged 8 years and older, and to cats aged 10 years and older. At the discretion of the Directors membership may be offered to younger animals with pre-existing conditions that would preclude worthwhile membership of the Healthcare Plus plan.

  2. All pets joining the Senior Healthcare plan must have complete, ‘up-to-date ’vaccinations as the scheme does not cover either‘ primary ’or ‘restart ’vaccinations. Any routine booster vaccinations which are due within 4 weeks of a pet joining the scheme will be charged to the client at full normal rates.

  3. Initial acceptance and continued membership of the Plan is entirely at the discretion of the Clinical Director.

Preventative healthcare

  1. The Senior Healthcare plan will provide pets with comprehensive routine annual vaccination as currently recommended by the Practice

Dogs: Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis 2 or Leptospirosis 4, Parainfluenza, and Kennel Cough Cats: Feline Herpes, Calicivirus, Panleucopaenia, and Feline Leukaemia virus

  1. The Plan will provide pets with year-round flea and worm control; the product best suited to a pet, and the timing of its administration, will be determined by our veterinary surgeons. Any variation to the flea and worm treatment protocol will be made only on clinical need as determined by our veterinary surgeons.

  2. A discount of 20% will be allowed should clients need to purchase additional parasiticide treatment either for a journey abroad or to replace lost product.

Clinical work

  1. Membership of the Senior Healthcare plan will provide the owner with a 20% discount on the cost for of all in-house consultation fees, in-house clinical work, in-house laboratory work and POM-V medicines provided for the pet, plus an annual in-house blood and urine screen.

  2. The Senior Healthcare plan does not cover the costs associated with cremation.

Administration of the Plan

  1. Payment for membership of the Plan will be by 12 monthly payments taken by direct debit on the nearest banking day to the first day of each calendar month. Clients will be asked to pay the first monthly payment in cash (or by credit/debit card) so that the scheme can be activated immediately.

  2. The Renewal date for an animal’s scheme will be determined at the time of application.

  3. It is important that owners inform the practice in advance of any proposed change in their banking arrangements, for failure to pay the monthly direct debit will result in a pet’s health plan being put 'on hold’; no preventative healthcare will be available until the outstanding amounts are settled. If the outstanding balance is not cleared by the time that the next direct debit payment becomes due the plan may be terminated by the Practice.

  4. In the event that a plan is terminated by the Practice, the owner of the pet will remain liable for the cost of any preventative healthcare already received in advance of payment made.

  5. Members of the scheme will receive a reminder of renewal in the month before the scheme anniversary; this reminder will include details of any proposed variation in both the scheme and it’s fees.

  6. The Senior Healthcare plan is not transferable to another pet.

  7. The Practice reserves the right to amend or to cancel the Plan at any time.

  8. Clients must inform the Practice of any change of address in order that recall of their pet can be accurate. The Practice cannot be held responsible if reminders are sent to an old address, or if they are not delivered by the postal service.

  9. The Practice cannot be held responsible if an owner fails to attend scheduled appointments, or fails to seek booster vaccinations within the required intervals.

  10. In the event of the death of a pet the subscribed plan will terminate. Owners will need to contact the Practice as soon as is convenient following the loss of their pet in order that no further direct debit payments are set up, and so that any reminders due can be cancelled.



  1. If clients seek to cancel their membership of the Plan part-way through a scheme year they remain liable for the cost of any drugs (parasiticides) or services received (booster vaccinations) above and beyond payments made before cancellation.

  2. Such a cancellation will be effected immediately unless owners specify a forward date. No refund of payments already received will be made upon cancellation. sed at the Clinic (both life stage and prescription) One months notice is required for cancellation.