Rabbit Healthcare Scheme Terms

Application for Membership


  1. All pets joining the Rabbit Healthcare scheme must have complete and ‘up-to- date’ vaccinations as none of the schemes covers ‘primary’ or ‘restart’ vaccinations.

  2. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme cannot cover pre-existing conditions (but see below for discount available on drugs used to treat such pre-existing conditions). All pets joining the scheme will require a full clinical examination by one of our veterinary surgeons at the time of application (at no extra charge) unless a vet at the clinic has examined the pet within the last two months

  3. Should this examination reveal that the pet requires immediate attention any necessary treatment must be carried out before the pet can be accepted onto the scheme.

  4. The Practice retains the right to amend or to cancel these Healthcare plans.

  5. Initial acceptance and continued membership of the schemes is entirely at the discretion of the Directors.


Preventative healthcare

  1. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme will provide pets with: Comprehensive routine annual vaccination as currently recommended by the Practice

    1. •Myxomatosis

    2. •Viral Haemorrhagic Disease Both controlled by a single annual booster

Encephalitozoon cuniculi control

    1. •Laprizole - oral treatment every six months, if indicated.


Clinical Work

  1. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme will provide for all necessary healthcare within the Centre without additional cost to the owner, Subject to the conditions listed below.

  2. Upon first presentation for a particular condition within any scheme year the client will be expected to meet the cost of the Centre’s first standard consultation fee. Thereafter all prescribed (prescription-only) medicines, clinical investigations (e.g. bloods tests, x-rays, ultrasound scans), sedatives, anaesthetics, surgical procedures, nursing time and hospitalisation will be covered without further charge.

  3. Owners will be expected to abide by the usual rules regarding re-examination of a pet on continuing medication.

  4. Treatment of pets under the Rabbit Healthcare scheme will follow the protocols agreed by the veterinary surgeons at the Ashlea Veterinary Centre, protocols which have been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Professional Conduct produced by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. It is important that owners are prepared to accept the advice offered by veterinary surgeons at the Centre. If, for whatever reason, owners will not carry through all the treatments advised by the veterinary surgeons for their pet (and for certain


diseases this will include surgical or dietary advice) then the Centre retains the right to terminate the Healthcare Plus plan with four weeks notice.

  1. For those animals joining the Rabbit Healthcare scheme with a pre-existing condition (e.g. arthritis), while further on-going treatment for this condition will necessarily be charged for at our standard rates, a discount of 20% will be given off the cost of prescription-only drugs used to control the condition.

  2. The Rabbit Healthcare plan is an in-house scheme; it cannot provide for attention received at another veterinary clinic or referral centre.

  3. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme will cover all dental work required as a result of disease or injury within the mouth.

  4. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme will not provide treatment for any conditions or complications resulting from pregnancy (e.g. abortion, dystokia, caesarean).

  5. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme will not provide medical treatment for behavioural problems, though advice on training methods that may improve the behaviour of the pet will be available from staff at the clinic

  6. The Rabbit Healthcare scheme will not cover the cost of either home visits or an out-of hours consultation (including re-examinations of pets carried out at the surgery on a Sunday) although discounts on our standard fees will be made (listed below).

  7. Should euthanasia be required for a pet on the Rabbit Healthcare scheme the cost of this service will be covered, but the owner will remain liable for any costs associated with cremation.

Administration of the scheme

  1. Payment will be by 12 monthly payments taken by direct debit from either a bank or a building society account. Clients will be asked to pay the first monthly payment in cash (or by credit/debit card) so that the scheme can be activated immediately while the Direct Debit mandate is set up.

  2. The scheme function on a pre-payment basis; consequently any routine booster vaccinations which are due within 4 weeks of a pet joining the scheme will be charged to the client at full normal rates

  3. Payments not received by the practice will void this agreement; the owner of the pet will remain liable for all treatments and drugs received, calculated at standard practice rates. It is therefore important that should banking arrangements be altered the owner inform the Practice before the next monthly direct debit payment becomes due.

  4. The ‘Scheme year’ for any particular client runs for twelve months; the date of

renewal will be determined at the time of successful application.

  1. Members of the scheme will receive a reminder of renewal in the month before the scheme anniversary; this reminder will include details of any proposed variation in the scheme fees. The monthly fee will be subject to variation only once a year at the time of the scheme renewal.


  1. Clients must inform the Practice of any change of address in order that recall of the pet can be accurate. The Practice cannot be held responsible if reminders are sent to an old address.

  2. Practice cannot be held liable should the owner fail to attend appointments within the required intervals.

  3. In the event of the death of a pet the subscribed plan will terminate. Owners will need to contact the Practice as soon as is convenient following the loss of their pet so that no further direct debit payments are drawn and any due reminders can be cancelled.

  4. Healthcare plans are not transferable to another pet or to another person.


  1. If clients seek to cancel part-way through a scheme year they remain liable for the cost of any drugs or services received above and beyond payments made. This calculation will involve separating monies paid into ‘healthcare’ and ‘routine treatment’ elements; clients will be provided with a copy of this calculation.

  2. Such a cancellation will be effected immediately unless owners specify a forward date. No refund of payments received will be made upon cancellation.

  3. It remains the responsibility of the client to ensure that the direct debit is cancelled at the bank

Additional Benefits

Membership of the Rabbit Healthcare scheme will confer the following in-house discounts for any pet registered under the scheme:

  • 5% off the cost of both non-POM medication (e.g. dietary supplements) and of all foods

purchased at the Centre (both life stage and prescription)

  • 20% off the cost of flea/blowfly control products

  • 5% off the cost of pet-shop products

  • 10% off the cost of routine neutering operations

  • 10% off the cost of house visits by a vet

  • 20% off the emergency call out fee