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We would recommend that all dogs, both puppies and adults, be vaccinated against a number of major diseases, for without such protection your dog will run the risk of severe and potentially fatal illness.

Provided that the mother has been properly vaccinated a puppy will receive temporary immunity through the first milk but as this passive protection wanes the puppy becomes at risk of infection. An initial vaccination at seven or eight weeks of age is followed by a second given when the pup is at least 10 weeks old.   The main diseases that we vaccinate against are Distemper Parvovirus, Viral hepatitis and Leptospirosis.  Even though we can complete the vaccination course for your puppy by 10 weeks of age, your puppy will not be fully protected until 14 days after the second vaccination and must not be allowed out on the streets or parks before then.  If your garden is fully enclosed then your pup can safely be exercised there, and if you have friends with healthy, vaccinated dogs then it is safe for your puppy to meet them.

Kennel cough is a highly contagious disease, an extremely unpleasant whooping cough–like infection.  Poorly named, Kennel cough is not simply linked to boarding kennels, indeed the majority of infections are now seen in animals who have never been in kennels but have picked up the infection from casual contact with other dogs in the street, the park or down by the river.  

Annual boosters are recommended to keep your dog’s immunity up to date.  At each visit your pet will be given a full examination, allowing the vet to check for early signs of disease.  Think of this annual health check as your pet’s MOT!

Protection is given by dribbling the vaccine into the dog’s nose, provoking a strong ‘local’ immunity that counters the infection as it tries to enter the body.  The vaccination can be given from 10 weeks of age and lasts for a full 12 months.  Given the local incidence of Kennel Cough we now recommend vaccination for all puppies.

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