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Beyond the cost of the initial consultation, all in-house clinical investigations (blood tests, x-rays, scans, etc), sedatives, anaesthetics, surgical procedures, standard POM-V medicines and essential nursing will be covered by the scheme

Healthcare Plus

All members of our Healthcare Schemes will receive additional discounts, including:

Healthcare Plus, in addition to the standard benefits of the Pet Healthcare Scheme, will:

Cover under the Healthcare Plus scheme now includes a 20% discount against the ongoing costs of medicines for the treatment of chronic conditions which began before a pet joined the scheme.

For pets to receive the additional benefits available under the Healthcare Plus scheme dogs must be less than 8 years of age, and cats less than ten, at initial registration.

We would recommend that all clients discuss the suitability of these Healthcare packages with our staff.   We would emphasize that they are in-house schemes and there may be occasions, and for particular breeds, where the extra cover that can be provided by the policies from Pet Insurance Companies may be more suitable for a particular pet.

Full terms and conditions for the Healthcare Plus scheme are available here  

Alternatively for any scheme a copy of the relevant leaflet with current Terms and Conditions can be obtained by phoning our Reception Staff on 01228 549177.

‘I have always been wary about the terms of pet insurance ...with the Healthcare scheme from

Ashlea Vets all the conditions and benefits are written on one piece of A4 paper.  

We love it ... a local scheme for local pets administered by local vets’

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Healthcare Plus







HC+ Late joiners







‘Late joiners’     The majority of animals join our Healthcare Plus scheme as puppies or kittens.   Animals who sign up slightly later in life receive the same benefits but will not contribute to the scheme for as many years.  Therefore a slightly higher monthly fee is levied for those pets which enrol later.  The ‘late joiner’ fee will be applied for cats joining the scheme between the ages of 7 and 9 years, and to dogs jointing the scheme between the ages of 5 and 7 years

Lifelong chronic medication  The intention of Healthcare Plus scheme is to offer clients of our Practice an affordable alternative to Pet Insurance.  Monthly fees do not increase with age; the annual cost for an elderly dog has no reason to be any more than that of a healthy young dog.  However to maintain this principle a small additional monthly fee will be levied should an animal require chronic, lifelong medication.  This will be discussed with clients when such medication has proven to be needed by their pet and before such charges are added to the monthly fee.