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Standard fee

Cost on in-house

 Healthcare schemes

Cat booster  

 (‘flu, enteritis and

        feline leukaemia)



Dog booster

(distemper, hepatitis,

    parvo, leptospirosis)



Dog booster plus

   Kennel Cough



Consultation fees (incl vat)

Booster vaccination prices (incl vat)

•  All booster consultations include a full health check together with the opportunity to discuss with a vet any problems or concerns      you may have regarding your pet’s health or behaviour

•  Nail clipping and anal gland expression, when needed, will be carried out at no extra charge

Restart booster vaccination prices (incl vat)

If your pet’s booster vaccination is significantly overdue (typically >15 months since the last booster jab) then your pet will require a ‘restart’ booster, that is a pair of injections (two weeks apart for a dog, three weeks apart for a cat) to restimulate the immune system and ensure full immunity.

Vaccinating a litter of puppies?

If you are vaccinating a litter of puppies prior to sale then we are able to offer a discount on our standard prices

             3-5 puppies     £16.75 incl vat per ‘shot’

               6 or more      £14.00 incl vat

Consultation fees and

Vaccine Prices

Standard fee

Cost on Healthcare Plus

First consultation

£ 28.00

£ 28.00

Second consultation

£ 21.00


Third consultation

£ 17.50


Prescription check

£ 17.50


Standard price

‘Amnesty’ price

Dog Restart booster (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, leptospirosis)



Cat Restart booster   (‘flu, enteritis and feline leukaemia)